What is HAIRestart ®?

Hair restoration or HAIRestart® Treatment using Fotona’s medical aesthetic lasers is a revolutionary treatment that stimulates dormant hair follicles through controlled, gentle bulk-heating. This restoration technique stimulates metabolism while also increasing blood flow to the scalp, resulting in the natural regrowth of hair. This allows you to maintain the thickness of your hair

At Ageless Skin and Laser, we combine this laser treatment with the rejuvenation of our Prp (platelet rich plasma) treatment to give a more powerful stimulating effect of hair regrowth.

Non-Invasive Laser Stimulation of Hair Growth

• Prevents further hair loss

• Increases hair density and thickness

• Promotes new follicle growth

• Non-invasive

• No medications

• No down-time

How it Works?

The treatment works by using Fotona SMOOTH® energy pulses to deliver laser light to the tissue. This triggers the scalp in a safe and controlled way. The energy absorbed by the scalp results in the production of growth factors that help renew your hair follicles. Some of the main advantages of this treatment include:

● The prevention of further hair loss

● An Increase in hair density and thickness

● The promotion of new follicle growth

HAIRestart® can be an excellent solution for those struggling with hair loss. If you’ve noticed thinning hair, we welcome you to get in touch with our Aesthetics team today. Schedule a consultation here by calling or making an appointmen

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